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Kyle Hussey Appointed Juniors Development Program (JDP) Director

By cp, 08/17/20, 9:15AM EDT


Hussey joins the club in a full-time role after 2+ years as a team coach


Respected JDP Director, Justin Moose will be stepping away from his director’s role and assuming a position on the Juniors coaching staff.  Replacing Moose in a full-time role will be Kyle Hussey.

Kyle has spent 2+ years with the club and has created a trust among the staff and become someone that understands the club, the standards, and the goals.  He has done great work with his teams and has displayed the organizational and people/player management needed to have success in the position. 

Kyle will oversee the JDP program, which includes all players in our club U12 and below and will take an active role all areas of the program, but will have a focus on the younger ages (U7-U10) and their programming. 

The transition will occur immediately and all programming questions/issues should be directed to Kyle Hussey or Carson Porter.

From newly appointed Juniors Development Program Director, Kyle Hussey
"I am extremely blessed and excited about taking on the role of The Juniors Development Program Director. The Wilmington Hammerheads Youth Soccer organization is a fantastic one to be a part of. I look forward to working with our staff, coaches, and parents as we continue to move forward and improve the Juniors Development Program! My goal is to not only help players improve in their ability and understanding of the game, but to help them learn to love and be excited about the game!"

From Executive Director, Carson Porter:
It is always great to promote from within our club.  Adding Kyle was an easy decision and I am excited to get him on board.  His energy and passion are contagious and he has the qualities needed to help our players improve and move this program forward. 

Justin Moose will continue to work within the program and share his experiences and coaching talent with our players and staff.

From Justin Moose:
Thank you to the staff and families for the support over the last few years. I’m excited to coach a team and help with on-field efforts for the JDP. It’s been a great pleasure watching all of the players and coaches improve. Kyle Hussey will be a great asset to the club with his positive energy and passion and I look forward to tracking player development and all of the Hammerheads’ continued success.”

From Carson Porter:
“Justin is someone that I have always had a lot of respect for and am sad to see him leave his post, but happy that he will continue to pass on his knowledge and experience to players within our club.