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Led by its Director and WHYFC staff member, Kim Crabbe, WHYFC Outreach goal's are to spread and expand the beautiful game of soccer to all children in our area, and to teach them the core values of sportsmanship, leadership, fair play through the sport of soccer.  

Our Core Values
Passion: The Outreach program seeks to instill a lifetime passion and love for the game of soccer to each player in the program.  

Accountability: The Outreach program works to instill lifeskills necessary as each child moves on through their youth.  Staff work to develop each child's full potential as players and people.   

We will seek to instill love of the game by providing a welcoming learning environment for our players to develop and grow.

Respect: WHYFC Outreach staff will will instill respect from players, parents, and the community by respecting WHYFC's role as mentors, leaders, coaches, and as a league that serves children to help them become better players and people.

To learn more about the Outreach program or volunteering for the Outreach program please contact Executive Director, Carson Porter or Program Director, Kim Crabbe.