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Juniors Program

The Juniors program serves as the ‘bridge’ between recreational soccer and classic soccer. It is designed for young players who have enjoyed their experience in recreational soccer and have a desire for more. The Juniors player is typically a boy/girl who loves the sport, wants to play all the time, and might be a little more passionate about the sport than his/her recreational teammates. The Juniors program consists of 2x weekly practices and 1x optional that could have your player playing as much as 3x per week. 9 month commitment (fall and spring), professional coaches who have been licensed by U.S. Soccer. Local games with a small amount of travel. Boys and Girls Ages 8 – 12. 

The Juniors Program is currently registering players for the Fall 2019 season.

2019-2020 Juniors Program

  • Focused on individual player development
  • Licensed coaches teach the game in a fun environment
  • Optional Monday Training 5-6:15pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday Training 
    - Half the player pool will train outside at Ogden Park and the other half will have a technical session in the EDGE. Groups will alternate to train at each location once a week. 
  • Tiered teams will be formed at the end of August to compete on weekends against similar Academy Programs and Recreational Teams. 
  • $950 - August 2019-May 2020
  • Players born 2008-2012 (U8-U12) are eligible to join the WHYFC Juniors Program. 2013 (U7) players may be accepted if ready.

*The expansion to U11/U12 will allow players to get the same amount of training as the Classic Program, but with less travel. All players not chosen for Classic teams in the 2008 & 2009 age groups are invited to join the Juniors Program. 

All players must have a Blue Sombrero Account. After players have been evaluated by the Juniors staff, they will be placed into their age group and can accept their position through their Blue Sombrero Account. 

Please email for any questions. 

Fall 2019 Calendar - TBA

Tuesday, August 20th - Training Begins
Friday, August 30th - Juniors Teams Announced

Saturday, September 28th - Home Festival

Saturday, November 2nd & Sunday, November 3rd -
NC Academy Showcase in High Point, NC

EDGE Schedule

Tuesday - Girls
5-6pm - U8 (2012) & U9 (2011) 
6-7pm - 
U10 (2010), U11 (2009) & U12 (2008)  

Thursday - Boys
5-6pm - U8 (2012) & U9 (2011) 
6-7pm - 
U10 (2010), U11 (2009) & U12 (2008)


Monday - Any Hammerheads Gear
Tuesday & Thursday -
Training @ Ogden Park -  Navy Training Top, Navy Shorts, Navy Socks
Training @ Edge - Edge T-Shirt, Navy Shorts, Sky Blue Socks

Details of the Program:

JUNIORS PROGRAM (2008-2012 Age Groups):
The Juniors Program serves as an introduction to classic soccer for our young players.  The profile of a typical Juniors player is a child who loves soccer, enjoys playing all the time, and as a result, wants more than what our recreation program (1 practice a week and 1 game a week) provides. The typical Juniors player also joins the program with some basic soccer skills and has shown some talent in the game.

The Juniors Program focuses on the fundamental and technical skills that will be necessary for a player to continue to develop in the game. The program is staffed by a director who oversees the entire program, along with staff coaches who have completed coaching licenses and have backgrounds in soccer.  We aim to provide 1 coach for every 10 players in the program.

The program is a year-long commitment that runs from the end of August to the end of November and from the middle of January to the middle of May. During these months, the program holds practices 2x a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) with optional ‘playing Mondays’ (see description below). The cost of the program is $950 for the year and can be broken into monthly payments. 

Advanced U7 (2013 born) players who are deemed ready for the program will be accepted. Due to NC Youth Soccer regulations, 2012 born players are not permitted to travel. The fee for 2012 born players is is $850. 

‘Playing Mondays’ involve less coaching and allows players to gain game instincts (i.e. the game is the teacher).  These Monday sessions are optional. Fields will be set up, teams will be divided, and games will be played for the full practice time. We have less staff present on these days because the focus is on playing and not coaching, but it is a great time for coaches to give more individualized instruction and teach the basic rules of the game.

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, the Juniors Program will include players born between 2008-2013. Players will be grouped together into tiered teams based on ability level. 

The time commitment and cost will be the same for the U8 -U12 Juniors programming. The Juniors teams will play in the Recreational League and will travel to play in North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) festivals. The placement of each team in the Rec League and festivals will be based on ability level. These festivals bring clubs with similar programs together in central locations to play competitive games. We will also set up games with competitive regional clubs such as NCFC (Raleigh) and Coast FA (Myrtle Beach). 

This tiering of teams can and will change throughout the year based on a player’s development and performance. We see value in putting players of similar skill level together for developmental purposes, but we would warn parents not to be too concerned about these selections as these kids are very young and just beginning to learn soccer and develop as players. 

Each player in the  Juniors Program will receive an evaluation at the end of May/early June. 

Tryouts: Does everyone make it?
Philosophically, the Juniors trial is to evaluate the players and to make sure that they have the basic skills and maturity that will allow them to enjoy the program. We do not make ‘cuts’ in the Juniors program. If we determine a player is not ready, we will have a discussion with the parents and come up with other options within our WHYFC Programs. Children entering the Juniors Program should have basic skills and coordination, but most importantly, a love of the game.


  • May/June: Juniors Evaluations
  • Late August: Juniors Practice Begins (Tuesdays and Thursdays, Optional Mondays)
  • September: Juniors teams are announced for participation in Recreation league
  • Late September: First Festival event 
  • Middle of November: end of Juniors Fall Season
  • Late January: Juniors Spring Practice begins
  • February: First Festival event 
  • March: Recreation season begins
  • May: end of Juniors Spring season
  • May: Individual evaluations are distributed

Between the recreation league games, the festivals, the practices and the optional Mondays this is a lot of soccer!  We love this, but also realize that there will be games and events you will miss.  We realize that these players are young and that this programming is a big commitment and we want to work with families to make sure that their player is enjoying themselves.

Fee Structure and Expected Costs

Juniors Cost: $950

Other Expected Costs:

  • Uniform Costs: Uniforms run on a 2 year cycle (New cycle begins for the 2018-19 season; Approximately $200). 
  • Tournaments: $25 per player cost to attend our end of season Tournaments (November & May)
  • Personal Travel Costs: One night hotel accommodation per season. 3 away festivals per season.