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WHYFC Announce Tryout Re-Structure

By CP, 01/16/19, 2:45PM EST


Changes to be put into place in spring, 2019

January 15, 2019 - Executive Director Carson Porter will lead the classic/ECNL programs through a tryout re-structure, beginning in May of 2019.  The re-structuring of the tryout process is being implemented in order to focus player selection and team placement on the individual player’s performance and commitment during the previous season/year, while also providing opportunities to welcome new players/families into the club. In the first year of this re-structure, the major change will be that WHYFC will select the boys and girls ECNL teams prior to the traditional club-wide NCYSA (North Carolina Youth Soccer Association) tryouts that will still be held in May.

“A WHYFC player’s entire body of work during their previous season with our club is a far more valuable evaluation tool than a two-day tryout,” said Porter.  “With that in mind, we will make ECNL team selections based on the evaluation tools that we use throughout the year.  These include ‘Outside the Club/DP’ Talent ID nights, the internal Development Player Training Program (DPP) and the player evaluations by the coaching staff, specifically, the individual player’s coach.  Through these tools, I’m confident that we will have enough information to form the next group of ECNL teams.  I also think that by selecting the ECNL teams and removing these players from the club-wide tryouts, the NCYSA club-wide tryout will be more effective.”

What is important to this new selection process is to ensure that players currently in the club are properly placed in a team that gives them a great experience and sets them up for success.  Its also important to welcome new players and families into our club and give them opportunities throughout all of our teams and all of our programming." This will be done in four parts: (1) The day-to-day work that a player is putting into his/her WHYFC team.  (2) The WHYFC ‘Developmental Player’ training program, which gives WHYFC players who are doing well within their current team environment, an opportunity to practice ‘up’ with a team that is considered a higher level.  (3) Outside the club/DP Talent ID nights: These nights will include selected WHYFC players who have done well in the DP program, and players from outside the club who want to be evaluated for the ECNL teams, and (4) NCYSA Club Tryouts, which are open to all of our members and those outside the club.

Following the Talent ID nights in April, players will be offered roster spots and ECNL teams will be built.  The timing of these invitations allow those players who were candidates for the ECNL program but ultimately were not selected the ability to enter club-wide tryouts at the end of May.  

“In a competitive program like ours with a lot of talented players and several different levels of teams, the two most important things for me as a leader are that every player is given an opportunity to be the best player they can be within our club structure, and that every player is set up to be successful,” said Porter.  “There will always be difficult decisions regarding team selection, but we have a clear and consistent pathway within our club that allows players every opportunity to graduate through levels.  Putting more emphasis on a player’s work within their WHYFC team is a good step as we continue to move forward and evolve.”

Following ECNL team selections in April, WHYFC will hold the club-wide tryout at the end of May.  Consistent with Porter’s statements above, this tryout will be the final evaluation of a player, and carry less weight than a player’s work during the previous season. Full details will follow.

ECNL TALENT ID NIGHTS (boys/girls 2007 born – 2001 born): 
This will be composed of current ECNL players, any WHYFC White team players selected for the DP program at any point throughout the 2018-19 season, and interested players from outside of the club.

Wednesday, May 1st – (boys 2007 – 2001; Girls 2005,06, 07)
Wednesday, May 8th – (boys 2007 – 2001; Girls 2005,06, 07)

Sunday, April 28th - (Girls 2004 - 2001)
Sunday, May 5th - (Girls 2004 - 2001)

NCYSA TRYOUTS (boys/girls 2009 – 2001 born): 
This will be composed of players from WHYFC White, Blue and Gold teams, players from outside the club, and those who were a part of Talent ID nights and were not selected for the ECNL.

YOUNGER AGE GROUPS: Tuesday, May 21st / Thursday, May 23rd (boys/girls 2009 – 2001)
OLDER AGE GROUPS: Tuesday, May 28th / Thursday, May 30th (boys/girls 2005-2001)

All players will be required to register through our web site for the appropriate Talent ID Night / Tryout.  You will be alerted when tryout/Talent ID registration is available.