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Brunswick Hammerheads to launch in Spring, 2018

By CP, 02/13/18, 9:45AM EST


BRUNSWICK CO. (February 5, 2017) - Like most WHYFC staff members, John Adams has several roles in the club.  He oversees the coaching education in the Recreational Department, he directs the Classic Goalkeeping Program and now he will add Brunswick Hammerheads Director to his duties. 

Beginning in March, Adams will oversee 14 new teams in the new portion of the WHYFC organization, the Brunswick Hammerheads Youth FC (BHYFC).

“We had over 200 players at our initial tryout, which far surpassed our expectations and showed us how much interest there is for soccer in Brunswick Co.  From this tryout, we formed teams, hired coaches and are excited to get started,” Said Adams who is also a Brunswick Co. resident.

The Brunswick Hammerheads will be a stand-alone club in many ways.  They will have their own identity, their own coaching staff and their own set of goals, but they will have the support of the Wilmington Hammerheads, something that Adams believes is a huge advantage to this project.

“This doesn’t happen without the support of our Wilmington Hammerheads staff.  There are years and years of experience that I have been able to lean on as we have started this program,” Adams said.  “Our plan is to share some very important ideals and standards, but at the same time have a separate identity that all of our Brunswick Players can be proud of.”

Those shared standards are very important to Wilmington Hammerheads Executive Director, Carson Porter. 

“When we began thinking about this project it was always important to make sure that we were focusing on the right things for the players in Brunswick County.  The core question that will guide Brunswick, and guides this entire organization, is ‘What is best for the individual player?  We believe the answer to this focuses on positive role models, good coaching, character development, and professional and organized administration, which all lead to a positive experience for each individual player.”

As the conversation in the Wilmington office began to gain  momentum Adams' excitement was contagious.

“Brunswick Co. is my home and establishing grassroots soccer programming is important.  I look forward to continued growth of the sport in Brunswick County and can’t wait to get players moving on this side of the bridge!”