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WHYFC partners with Medac for Sports Related Concussion (SRC) Guidance

By cp, 06/14/17, 11:15AM EDT


While the new season is a few months off, we believe it is never too early to talk about how to enjoy the benefits of our sport safely.  WHYFC is dedicated to provide you not only the most fun and competitive environment, but also the safest.  We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Medac Health Services to provide urgent medical care services for sports related injuries including suspected sports related concussions (SRC).  We believe that SRC is a medical issue and Medac has the resources and readiness to proved a pathway of care in the event your child experiences a suspected SRC.

Medac uses the SportGait concussion management system (CMS) to provide your athletes brain Physicals (TM), which is more than a baseline.  According to Dale Key, CEO of Medac, "This comprehensive suite of tests is used by our medical staff to  make informed judgement as to the best pathway for your child in order to reach optimal readiness for school and sport, before and during the season." Key continues, "We think the Brain Physical is the perfect complement to a sports physical and we encourage parents to schedule their children as soon as possible once the group schedule is released.  

The SportGait CMS was developed right here locally, in a partnership with UNCW.  SportGait CEO Chris Newton says, "Our research indicated that the simple baselines that others are offering athletes for at home testing were compromising safety." Newton continued, "When we learned that, we sought out world class experts, like the CDC and NIH, international partners and incorporated them into our system.  Furthermore, we tailored the systems for the urgent care environment, since they are open at the times our kids are playing sports.  Importantly, we built a parent/athlete app (download for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play).  The free app educates you on concussion and integrates directly with the urgent care CMS and other concussion medical experts.  The importance of this is that if your young athlete has a suspected concussion, you will now know all symptoms of SRC, and immediately know where to get the right medical treatment."

WHYFC encourages all of our participants to learn more about this critical issue and to get your Brain Physical.  

About WHYFC:
WHYFC is a 501c-3 Non-profit organization that provides soccer playing opportunities for all children at all levels of the game.  WHFYC has over 3,000 active players throughout New Hanover County and is a proud member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA).

About Medac Health Services:
Medac Health Services, P.A., was established in 1984 to meet the ever increasing healthcare needs of our Wilmington community.  Medal strives to provide convenient, episodic medical care to individuals who either do not have a primary care physician, or who's primary care physician might be unavailable when care or treatment is needed.  Only Medac Urgent Care has five convenient locations, including one just across the bridge from Wrightsville Beach, another in Porters Neck near Figure Eight Island, a third on Shipyard Boulevard with extended hours, a fourth in Monkey Junction, and a fifth in Murrayville - across from Laney High School.  Our Clinics are staffed during all operating hours by board certified physicians or physician assistants, who have many years of experience in the urgent care and emergency medicine setting and understand the unique needs of the patient.  For more information please visit

About SportGait:
SportGait is the only company to examine the relationship between the physical and mental performance of athletes to detect concussion using balance, gait, and neuropsychological testing in combination with special sensor technology.  SportGait's Concussion Management System (CMS) enables the medical community to work hand in hand with players, parents and coaches in a data-driven collaboration to identify, track and monitor at-risk individuals with standardized systems that integrate proven medicine.  The SportGait CMS provides medical professionals with a precise solution to bring athletes through the cycle of "safe to play" -- from injury through treatment until the athlete is safe to return to school/play again.  We call this the safe-to-safe continuum of care.  For more information, please visit