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2019-20 Mid-Year Supplemental Tryouts Dates Announced

By Cp, 10/10/19, 12:15PM EDT


Players interested in joining WHYFC will have the opportunity to be evaluated in November and January

October 10, 2019 - WHYFC will be holding mid-year supplemental tryouts in November, 2019 and January 2020.  These dates hope to capture all players who are interested in any of our 3 levels of programming: Juniors, Classic or ECNL.

Players who sign up for the supplemental tryout will be evaluated within the Hammerheads team environment.  After signing up, each player will be individually placed into an age/skill appropriate team.  They will go through a training session with this team where the coach is able to evaluate the player's ability.  After the 2-day evaluation, coaches and staff will discuss the player's ability, as well as roster availability within the age group.  Based on these two pieces the player will be offered a position in the club.  

Mid-year supplemental tryouts are different than our traditional May tryouts in that availability within teams matters.  

Supplemental Tryout Dates:
November 5th and 7th (Classic/ECNL) @ Cape Fear Soccer Park
November 12th and 14th (JUNIORS) @ Ogden Park

January 14th and 16th (Classic/ECNL @ Cape Fear Soccer Park)
January 21st and 23rd (JUNIORS) @ Ogden Park

Click on the link below and follow the steps to log in or register.

For more specific information about our programming please check our web site or email program directors at addresses below:
JUNIORS PROGRAM - Justin Moose - [email protected]
GIRLS CLASSIC/ECNL - Will Heaney - [email protected]
BOYS CLASSIC/ECNL - Jordan Phillips - [email protected]