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Tryouts (Classic/ECNL)

WHYFC Classic Programming includes participation in the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) as well as the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).  Each member of the WHYFC classic program has gone through the tryout process and has been selected and invited to join a team in the club. 

Below outlines the tryout/evaluations opportunities throughout the 2018/19 soccer calendar:

1 - 'Outside the Club' ECNL Talent ID Nights (May, 2019)
Held for players who are not currently members of the WHYFC organization, 'Outside The Club' ECNL Talent ID nights give players a chance prior to the All-Club tryout to participate in two WHYFC practice/evaluation sessions.  This gives our coaching staff an opportunity to get an early evaluation of players that have not previously been part of the club.  These Talent ID nights are used to build and identify players for our ECNL programming, the highest level of competition in our club.  All players that come to 'Outside the Club' Talent ID nights are also asked to attend club-wide tryout in May where teams/rosters will be selected.  To register for these Talent ID nights email classic director, Jordan Phillips -

2 - CLUB-WIDE TRYOUTS (May, 2019):

All tryouts will be held at the Soccer Park (205 Sutton Steam Plant Rd, Wilmington 28401)

The Club-wide May Tryout is the main tryout period in which both existing members of our club and new members of our club participate.  These tryouts build the teams that will be together until the following May when the tryouts process occurs again. 

After teams are formed in May, there is a summer break and then the fall season begins in mid/late August.  This fall season lasts until the end of November.  The supplemental tryouts take place during the final week of fall classic practices.  These tryouts are designed for players from outside of the club who are interested in joining our club in the middle of the year. 

What differentiates our Club-wide tryouts from our Supplemental tryouts other than the time of the year is that our Supplemental tryouts are for players who are currently not a part of the club and are interested in joining.  The Club-Wide tryouts in May include both existing members of our club and new members of our club.

As a club we do not move current players down to a lower level team in the middle of the competitive year.  This affects the supplemental tryout because although the player trying out’s ability is important in the placement of the player, the availability within the team and within the club also comes into play. 

Players who attend WHYFC classic tryouts are trying out for the club not for a specific team within the club.  It is the job of the coaches and soccer professionals to place the players in the team that is appropriate to the player’s current skill level and ability. 

WHYFC, in compliance with the U.S. Soccer Federation, build all of our teams and programming around calendar year age groups.  Each player trying out for WHYFC will tryout based on the year in which they were born.  The teams are also calendar year age group teams.

Tryouts occur over the course of three days.  Prior to the tryout, our coaching assignments for each team that the club intends to field for the upcoming season are announced, allowing parents and players to know who the coaches in the age group are. 

Tryouts are always scrutinized and results are will always be challenged.  WHYFC recognizes this and will always create a tryout structure and curriculum that is fair, unbiased, and gives every player trying out the opportunity to be evaluated.  At the conclusion of these tryouts, WHYFC will have notes on every player and will be able to discuss the results with any parent or player.  Though we will have notes on each player, WHYFC will not give or have formal evaluations from the tryout period.  Formal evaluations take time away from the coach’s opportunity to evaluate the players.

Each tryout day will have a focus on the evaluation of technical skills through passing and dribbling exercises followed by a game format allowing players to be evaluated and compared to other players in the age group. 

  • Day 1 of the tryout will focus on small-sided (3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 games)
  • Day 2 of the tryout will increase field size and players on the field, and incorporate goalkeepers (At the end of each day of tryouts, the entire WHYFC staff comes to the office to discuss the players and build the teams.  The amount of work and time put into the tryouts is necessary to get the players placed and to stand behind the decision that are made.

The results of the tryouts will be placed on the web site within 24 hours of the final tryout day.  Individual players will then receive an email inviting the players to accept or decline their position on the team.  This invitation will also have a deadline that will be determined at a later date.  The Following week, after the invitations and the acceptances, the club holds an informal practice where the players from each team officially meet their coach, the coach speaks to the parent group and the team enjoys a first practice together.

Practices for all teams officially start in the middle of August with games beginning in early September.

The supplemental tryout has less players and the structure is very different.  Players from outside the club will sign up for a two-day tryout and be given a practice time and specific team to work with.  During these two days the trialist will participate in all the drills and exercises that the team is doing.  The coach will be instructed by the club to produce a practice session that allows for proper evaluation of the trialists.  Following these two days, the trialists will be individually emailed with the results of the tryouts.  Paperwork and administrative details will follow should the player be placed on a team and the player accepts this position.